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Utvikler gründere med nye og sirkulære forretningsmodeller

RE gründerhus har, sammen med Startup Norway, fått prosjektmidler fra Viken Fylkeskommune og Asker kommune for å skape et grunnleggende aktivitetstilbud til gründere, investorer og næringslivet i regionen. 

Sammen bygger vi Norges ledende miljø for innovasjon og nyskapning innen sirkulære løsninger. 

Se aktiviteter for gründere
Våre partnere
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Circular Tech Accelerator

Fall 2022 - application closed

Accelerate your journey to build strong circular economy solutions, products, services - with tailored advice from our experts and active involvement from corporates.


The Circular Tech: Accelerator helps startups progress on their journey to build strong circular economy solutions, products, services - with tailored advice from our experts and active involvement from corporates.


Whether you’re just getting started or leading the way in circular economy, we'll guide you in taking the next steps towards scaling your solution. The accelerator is structured into an intensive 3-month program where we'll provide the support and tools you need to clearly and confidently position your startup within the circular space.

Where: Digital

When: 13 October - 1 December 2022

Cost: Free

Circular Tech Venture Studio

Spring 2022 - application closed

A intensive 3-month program where entrepreneurial teams will work to provide you with a solution to your circularity challenges. 

Circular Tech Venture Studio is designed to create the next generation of companies motivated by circularity and sustainability. Together with other bright and ambitious entrepreneurs from the Nordics and guidance from industry experts and business professionals, innovations are built and circular business models are developed.


The studio is structured into an intensive 3-month venture that will result in turning you into a circular startup founder. You will receive support in validating and assessing your business idea and in understanding circular economy.

Where: Digital

When: March - June 2022

Cost: Free


World first venture studio in circular economy

During 2021 Circular Startup with participant from all around the Nordics were joining forces to solve challenges from Tomra, Statkraft  and Asker kommune. 


Briefly 24 entrepreneurs were selected out of applicants of 86. During the program 6 startup was created. 

Read more about them here (article in norwegian)

Startup events

Where: Startup Norway, Oslo

When: Tues 26. sept 2022

The potential of Circular Economy
for Entrepreneurs

How to solve local problems and scale up to solutions with global applications?

What inspired startups to build company with circular solutions? How to collaborate with the supply-chain in circular economy? 


  • Showcase from startups with circular solutions:
    Saferock, NoMy, Retextile, Circmar. 

  • How to solve local problems and scale to solutions with global applications

  • Introduction showcase collaboration - Smart Oslo, AION & GRIN

  • Food, beer & mingling - Serving food including: circular collaboration of Smart Oslo, AION & GRIN

Where: Trafo Kunsthall, Asker

When: Wed 15. june 2022

The next wave: Nordic Circular Solution Demoday

Our 3-month Circular Startup: Venture Studio program is coming to an end. We invite you to a special edition of the Public Demoday on the 15th of June in Trafo Kunsthall in Asker.

During this event, the 7 participating teams will present their innovative solutions back to the challenge-providers.

Key speakers who shall discuss the importance of new business models in the transition to circular economy:

  • Alfred Bjørlo (Venstre, Næringskomite)

  • Cynthia Reynolds(Circular Regions)

  • Geir Sæter (Tomra Systems)

  • Yngvill Ofsta (Bergans)

  • Tania Flink(Xvii)

How can my company be involved?

Get involved as a partner

Become a partner/main partner with the possibility to be deeply involved in all our activities, startups and the future roadmap for Circular Startup.

In addition your engagement for the next generation corporates will be widely communicated. 

Get involved as a participant

Become a participant in the activity you as a corporate find most suitable for your business.

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